Losing Weight Through Calorie Restrictions

Calorie restrictions are kind of controversial. With social media influencing a large part of most people’s daily lives, tight bodies will still be there, but eating disorders and mental health issues are still genuine concerns. Just saying the word “restriction” invokes visceral stress responses in many folks who have been battling and struggling with weight fluctuations and diets over the years. But that trend quickly stopped when experts stepped in.

Strategic caloric restrictions can be good for both weight loss and overall health. Below are a few tips on how to go about the whole routine:

Live with Moderation and Avoid Extremes

The toughest thing about the fitness and health industry is that many of the people involved end up chasing perfection using black and white rules. If perfection is the only outcome you can expect, you’re bound to perceive anything that falls short as a complete failure. If you intend on staying sane while on your journey, ensure you allocate some time when you can reward yourself with a treat or two.

Concentrate on What You Really Need

If you want to shed off excess weight without feeling restricted and mentally overwhelmed, don’t concentrate on what you’ll be missing out on. Instead, try focusing on what you’ll be gaining at the end of it all. Get into the habit of buying food items that are rich in nutrients but low on calories. Eat many lean protein sources such as fish, poultry, etc., and whole grains such as buckwheat, oats, and rice.

Reshape What You Think About “Healthy Eating”

Healthy meals aren’t the ones that contain zero carbs, zero fat, or zero sugar. Healthy meals prioritize the components that your body really needs (nutrients) and minimize the things it does not (excess calories). Some healthy meals you can have include grilled salmon with a side of any vegetable of your choice, chicken, and veggies on avocado toast, and a hamburger, but make sure to avoid the bacon, cheese, and mayo additions.


Restricting calories is necessary if you want to lose weight; however, ensure to avoid the extremes if you want to preserve both your physical and mental health and ensure long-term success. Just remember that it shouldn’t be all about perfection.