Frozen Veggies Are Just as Good

You were probably encouraged to eat your veggies when you were a child, right? Despite this early emphasis on the importance of eating vegetables, most kids and grownups alike fail to ingest the daily recommendations of nutrients your body needs.

Are Frozen Vegetables Less Nutritious Than Fresh Ones?

There’s really no concrete evidence out there that can fully support such claims. A lot of the “fresh” veggies available to you have most likely spent a couple of days in transit. They lose more nutrients the longer they stay in transit. Chemicals are sprayed on these veggies so that they can stay fresher for longer.

Many studies have proven that frozen veggies and fresh ones have the same nutritional levels. In fact, there are others that show them to be more nutritious than their “fresh”, out-of-season imported counterparts. However, the frozen vegetables that are better are the ones that are packed without the use of additional processing or chemical formulas.


If you can, you might want to strongly consider growing your very own veggies. This will always ensure you get veggies with the highest nutritional value all the time. But, we know that this might not be practical for everyone. If you can’t grow your own produce, find roadside stands and local markets where you can get fresh produce.