All the good nutrition coaches should have a list of satisfied clients who can back them. Here at Healthy Habits, we work with various clients ranging from executives and professionals to athletes and coaches. There were even some clients whom we worked with who had shared their experience with us.

Anne Smith, an interior designer and educator, stated that she started Pilates and strength training to manage chronic back problems as well as improve her overall fitness. She was also struggling with shedding off the last ten pounds that were hanging around after the birth of her two children. This is when she was advised to seek the counsel of a nutrition coach. That was when she sought our help. One of our coaches then keep track of her time, family, and life commitments then helped align her food and sleep with ambition and reality. Not only did she lose those extra ten pounds, but she gained a couple of valuable life skills along the way as well.

Bryan Brown, a dental professional, was told to try statin as a solution to his cholesterol level issues by his doctor. He started to work with nutrition coaches to try and see if he could avoid following that route. Once he started working with us, his blood markers started drastically improving until he no longer needed prescription drugs.

Charlotte, an entrepreneur, took only two months to lose thirteen pounds when she was working with us. She also hit all her goals along the way. She got stronger, accentuated her curves, and got that fantastic beach body she was looking for.