A Brief Food Prep Guide

Dietary success does not come from willpower or meal plans. Instead, it comes about with a proper habit and mindset. The most important foundational habit is to keep the right food around you and always make it readily available. Setting up the kitchen counter with recommended appliances from the experts will help immensely. This is what’s known as food prep. Here’s how you can go about it:

Step One: Planning

Before you go shopping, make a list of what you need. The key to this is to determine the foods you enjoy, foods that fit your health plan, and foods that you can prepare. The vital thing here is to concentrate on compromise.

Step Two: Purchasing

Once you’re done with the list, you are ready to hit the store. The most nutritious food items are normally stacked around the walls or edges of the grocery store: eggs, meat, fresh produce, etc. Also, always read and understand the nutrition facts charts and labels. Look at the ingredients used to make the food items you’re considering.

Step Three: Preparation

Once you’ve bought all your food from the store, you’ll now need to prepare them. This ensures you make everything as readily available as possible. It’s good to stock your fridge with veggies; however, if they are not chopped and easily portioned out, then you’re likely not to consume them as much. The same goes for your meat products as well. If they aren’t cooked while in the fridge, you’re likely to divert to something else.


Food prep is not as hard of a process as most people make it out to be. In fact, once you’ve successfully integrated the habit into your lifestyle, your goals start becoming way easier to achieve.

Still not sure where to begin with your food prep? Watch the beginners guide to meal prep video below: