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Vaping Can Affect Your Gym Performance

New Study Shows How Vaping Can Affect Your Gym Performance

In a way, it is true that there are no concrete researches to discuss how a relatively new phenomenon like Vaping can cause long term negative effects on your health. Still, there were never any claims that it was entirely risk-free. Basically, allowing any substance in your lungs that shouldn’t be there in the first place will eventually take effect badly. With that, we have a recent study here that discusses how this seemingly harmless hobby can prevent you from getting the most from your work-out, and …

Apps for Designing Your Tees

5 Helpful Apps for Designing Your Tees

In creating custom t shirt printing, you’ll need to acquire printing equipment, supplies, and other crafting stuff for decoration. Crafting shirts by hand is surely enjoyable, but doing it by hand will be hard if you’d like to include complex graphics and intricate designs.
In this article, we’ll show you 5 of the most fabulous apps that will make the shirt designing easier and more fun for you!


This is a convenient designer app since you can use it on both iOS and Android. Snap …