Vaping Can Affect Your Gym Performance

New Study Shows How Vaping Can Affect Your Gym Performance

In a way, it is true that there are no concrete researches to discuss how a relatively new phenomenon like Vaping can cause long term negative effects on your health. Still, there were never any claims that it was entirely risk-free. Basically, allowing any substance in your lungs that shouldn’t be there in the first place will eventually take effect badly. With that, we have a recent study here that discusses how this seemingly harmless hobby can prevent you from getting the most from your work-out, and just might endanger your health.

Your Gains could go up in Smoke

If you’ve been working out towards slowly being a gym rat, but noticing how progress has been quite slow lately, your vaping habit could be taking its toll. This was concluded based on a published study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that observed how army soldiers who vaped regularly performed comparatively inferior to those who didn’t. Researchers subjected the participants to the duration of their running distances, and the number of push-ups and sit-ups, and results showed that vapers scored least, with tobacco smokers having a slightly better performance.

Although it cannot be concluded that tobacco and cigarette smoking is a healthier option than vaping, the research shows that the chemicals in vaping inhibit the body from being at its best state. Vape juices include chemicals that affect the immune system, preventing it from functioning at the optimal level, thus affecting the body’s defense against viruses and diseases. It even exposes regular vapers to a higher risk of developing asthma, bronchitis, and other chronic lung illnesses. The case worsens when it comes to those who do both vaping and cigarette smoking. Consequently, it will deter you from performing well at the gym, and eventually in your daily life activities.

The Truth with Nicotine Dependence

Vapes and e-cigarettes were marketed as something that will ultimately wean you out of your nicotine addiction by giving the vaper control over the percentage content to be consumed. It was explained that vapers can eventually reduce the amount of Nicotine in their juices, but that is not the case in reality.

The study also discusses how former cigarette smokers who opted to try vaping had eventually resorted back to the old habit, while those who stuck to vaping did not exactly reduce their nicotine intake over time. In fact, some of them eventually increased the content percentage. This can be attributed to how these smokers are unable to deal with the discomforts of the withdrawal symptoms. One thing that should get you worrying is that a lot of vapers are of a younger generation, so their bodies are relatively more resilient, but as we all age, it may not be as fun once we reap the results 10 years later.

Ultimately, if you want to prioritize fitness and develop an effective workout routine, you have to adopt a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, and that means getting rid of any addictions. The pleasures of smoking and vaping cannot be definitely avoided and denied from anyone, but similar to alcohol consumption, anything in regulation can put a handle on things. Don’t let your gains go up in smoke. Value your hard work and invest in your health, so you can be the best you can be.