Apps for Designing Your Tees

5 Helpful Apps for Designing Your Tees

In creating custom t shirt printing, you’ll need to acquire printing equipment, supplies, and other crafting stuff for decoration. Crafting shirts by hand is surely enjoyable, but doing it by hand will be hard if you’d like to include complex graphics and intricate designs.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 of the most fabulous apps that will make the shirt designing easier and more fun for you!

  • Snaptee

This is a convenient designer app since you can use it on both iOS and Android. Snap tee gives both beginners and Professional designers a chance to develop their own style. They offer a wide range of colors and hues, and you can also upload stickers, images, and clip arts on their app with ease. You may avail of the app together with free plug-ins and premium options. Snaptee is mostly used for making unique designs. It has ready-made templates, and it also has some color scheme suggestions which the user may opt to use.

  • Adobe Photoshop touch

Adobe is a famous application when it comes to editing and creating layouts. Today, through Adobe Photoshop touch, you can also create your custom t-shirt designs. This is a useful app when it comes to editing green screen designs and images before and after adding them to the actual layout. This app also works for both iOS and Android.

  • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

For a more freehand-looking design, you may opt to use the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. You may use this on an iPad or a tablet and control it using a stylus. Basically, it is a digital drawing set that gives you the choice of brush, colors, and pens to use. This is fit for artists and calligraphers, and it also helps in developing original designs since it allows a very minimal amount of external uploads to be included in its layout.

  • Fotopedia Heritage

This app is developed by Apple and is exclusively available for iOS. It has been awarded by UNESCO as one of the best apps of all time since it recognizes world heritage features on its every template. Using this app for developing your design may cost you a little, but the quality of your work is guaranteed of high quality. The app itself encourages designers to create earth-friendly and humanity-recognizing styles. Fotopedia Heritage App also became a medium to disseminate information regarding fundraisings and volunteering works for nature.

  • Art Authority for iPad

This app is an easy fix for your unfinished designs and stagnant drafts. It has thousands of design suggestions which you may use in creating your layout. They have an Art Authority Community in which every user gets to connect to the other and share their ideas. They also have a system of sharing clip arts and images which are legally allowed for reuse. When it comes to designing custom t-shirts, most especially if you’re a newbie, this app is best for you. It serves both as a guide and a designing think tank.

Designing your custom T-shirts has been made easy thanks to these applications. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in the field of shirt designing, these 5 apps will surely help you a long way. Have fun designing.