Vaping Affect Your Exercise

Can Vaping Affect Your Exercise?

If you are an athlete, there’s a huge chance that you won’t take in anything that will negatively impact your health and performance. Even if that includes vaping products from vape shop montreal which is touted as the safer alternative to smoking.

We already know that smoking tobacco has a detrimental effect on the body. The question is, does vaping have the same effect?

Effects of Using Tobacco

Scientific studies prove that smoking tobacco can cause the blood vessels to constrict and harden. This causes a person’s heart rate to increases, which essentially means that your red blood cells won’t be able to carry enough oxygen to your muscles.

Moreover, the harmful substance (carbon monoxide) you take in when you smoke tobacco cigarettes can increase phlegm production and reduce lung elasticity. All of those combined will have a negative impact on your exercise.

Effects of Vaping

Unlike puffing tobacco cigarettes, you don’t get the chemicals that tobacco has (e.g., tar). This makes vaping gentler in your lungs compared to tobacco cigarettes. In fact, if you use e-liquids, nicotine will give you more energy to work out.

However, there are not that many studies to support the claim. Vaping is new, so there is not much research on it. The grounds you can rely on as of now are anecdotal accounts.

Most people who have switched to vaping have noticed a boost in their cardio performance. Several vapers who have switched from puffing tobacco to vaping say that their ability to exercise has improved. That is because the harmful chemicals they get from cigarettes are slowly clearing off their lungs.

Furthermore, there are reports about how vaping CBD can help an individual recover after exercise. Nevertheless, there are only limited studies about CBD, so you must seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using CBD.

Anecdotal Evidence

Several vapers record their experiences through online posts and blogs, claiming that vaping increases cardio performance compared to smoking, including their strength to carry heavyweights.

While there is no proof to support that vaping is better than smoking, you can conclude or make an intelligent guess of what effects e-cigarettes have on your body compared to tobacco cigarettes.

You may conclude that smoking poses more threat to your heart and lungs compared to vaping. However, don’t forget that taking any synthetic substance in your body through your lungs is unhealthy regardless.

As mentioned, several weightlifters claim that they experience a boost in energy when vaping before exercising. So, if you are someone who hits the gym once in a while, you can confirm that claim by trying.

Even though scientific data does not exist yet to clarify which is true, if you experience that vaping has a positive impact on your exercise, then go for it. However, if you are not sure about the effects of vaping and nicotine on your training sessions, you can try e-liquids without nicotine instead.

If that still does not convince you, you can keep an eye on new reports or studies about vaping and exercise.